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The Kuwait Institute for Medical Specializations (KIMS) was established in 1984 by order of an Amiri Decree by H.H the Amir of Kuwait. Since then, KIMS has been responsible for the education and training of physicians and dentists alike. Under the authority of the Ministry of Health, KIMS is the leading educational institution dedicated in medical training of various specialties. KIMS strives to advance Kuwaiti society’s health through expert medical training and education. Therefore, in accordance with our vision, I have the pleasure to summarize a number of the achievements of KIMS during the past year:

1. Internship:

KIMS has approximately 218 physicians enrolled as interns for basic medical training in the fields of Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology and an elective rotation of their choosing.

2. Residency Training Programs and Fellowships:

The Institute has twenty five Residency Training Programs which run for a period of five years. The programs are comprised of structured medical training and a number of examinations. Furthermore, KIMS offers seven Fellowship Programs (subspecialty). The approximate number of residents and fellows currently enrolled in our programs so far is 735. Where the Postgraduate Office is concerned, KIMS has been effective in constructing a solid foundation to adopt a standardized scheme for the various training programs. A uniform system has been implemented in several processes including the admission process, the assessment, examination procedures comprising both scheduling and examination results. Moreover, the residency training program curriculum now has specific rotation objectives. The Postgraduate Office in KIMS also devised diverse policies to guide the residents during their training. Finally, KIMS organizes a yearly convocation ceremony to celebrate our residents and fellows success.

Additionally, KIMS has recently established several committees to improve organizational practices. These include an accreditation committee, a policy committee, a credential of training and an appeal committee. Read more

3. Fulfilling the International Standards of Excellence:

The various offices in KIMS (Postgraduate, Examination, Accreditation office) all function under the leadership and supervision of qualified physicians to develop and improve the institutional function. Each of these offices has paved their efforts in their respective fields in order to develop a unified system beginning with the acceptance of the resident, to the evaluation during training, their assessment and examination as well as continuous organizational quality improvement (CQI).

4. Scholarship:

In collaboration with the Civil Service Commission, we have been able to secure scholarship funded positions for physicians who require completion of their postgraduate training abroad. This includes countries nearby countries such as Saudi Arabia and other countries in Europe and North America (US, Canada). From 2016 a mutual agreement with University of Ottawa has secured 10 specialty training positions for physicians in Kuwait. This marks a milestone achievement that had encouraged University of Calgary and McMaster University to engage in the same process. Read More

5. Continuing Education and Professional Development (CEPD):

At the present time Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development (CEPD) has become a major challenge due to the rapid changes taking place in medical and clinical sciences. In accordance with international standards, the Institute has been contributing to the development of medical services in the State of Kuwait, by revising and accrediting conferences and seminars as part of the Maintenance of Professional Competence (MPC) program. Read More

6. KIMS - Current Advances in Residency Education (KIMS-CARE):

The Institute has established the annual conference of medical education for physicians in training (KIMS- CARE). Which involves lectures and various workshops related to communication skills, patient safety, risk management, ethics of health research, and evidence based medical practice. This conference highlights the non-medical competencies for physicians. Read More

7. KIMS partnership with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada:

KIMS collaboration with the Royal College in November 2016 has fulfilled our vision to develop specialty training programs, ensure outcome-based training and fulfill international standards. The KIMS/Royal College Collaborative aims to achieve organizational, residency training program accreditation as well as faculty development and examination office accreditation.

Dr. Ibrahim Hadi

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