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For many years, Kuwait Institute for Medical Specializations (KIMS) has been at the heart of medical and surgical speciality training internationally. The institute has a main role in the organisation and management of speciality training programs for Kuwaiti doctors locally and abroad. Candidates who are selected by the board committee, after review of their applications, are granted full sponsorship for the period required to acquire board certification in their respective speciality.

Currently, training programs have been granted in different countries, including U.S.A., Canada, U.K., K.S.A and France. Agreements have been made with the most renowned centres in these countries in order to ensure the highest quality of medical and surgical training.

The Scholarship Department at KIMS works in collaboration with the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to provide scholarships for Kuwaiti doctors working in the Ministry of Health (MOH)

Several steps have been taken to ensure that our scholarships provide Kuwaiti doctors with the highest level of training possible, to create well-trained specialized Kuwaiti physicians capable of providing optimal healthcare:

  • KIMS holds several meetings with the CSC representatives, heads of cultural offices, program directors from several disciplines, in order to elaborate the available scholarship training programs to prospective Kuwaiti trainees.
  • KIMS has specified certain universities that provide accredited clinical programs, whose outcomes are highly qualified and well-trained consultants.
  • The MOH/KIMS have signed agreements with several countries and renowned universities to provide the highest number of scholarship seats possible


For Registration please download following documents.

  1. French Medical Specialization Program 2017 Call for Application
  2. Registration Form (DOC)
  3. Registration Form (PDF), Please fill out the following form and print.
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