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Our Mission⇑ Top

To fulfill the mandate of KIMS to promote health and ensure high quality professional in medicine and dentistry via education, training, continuous professional development.


Our Vision⇑ Top

Leading the improvement of society’s health through training and education.

Our Values⇑ Top

  • Responsiveness to national health system needs
  • Enhance equity, fairness and professionalism
  • Support Continuous improvement initiative
  • Partnership with leading education centers and organizations
  • Empower faculty
  • Commitment to standard of excellence in education and training
  • Treat all with respect and integrity


Code of Conduct ⇑ Top

  1. Make the education and well-being of residents and physician the fundamental value of all decision making.
  2. Fulfill professional duties with honesty and integrity and always acts in a trustworthy and responsible manner.
  3. Implement national laws and decision of the Council.
  4. Advises the board and implements the board’s policies.
  5. Maintains the standards and seeks to improve the effectiveness of the profession through best evidence and continuing professional development.
  6. Accept responsibility and accountability for one’s own actions and behaviors.
  7. Commits to serving others above self.
Strategic Plan (2017-2020) ⇑ Top

Strategic InitiativeObjectives
Excellence in Medical Education Organizational Practices 1. Optimize organizational structure for effective organizational practices and communication
2. Update & develop organization policy and procedure including the manual of policy and procedures
3. Achieve national and international recognition for KIMS (Institutional Recognition)
4. Develop and monitor key performance indicators for KIMS
Standardized Outcomebased Postgraduate Education and Professional Development 1. Standardized residency training program policies and procedures based on best practice of medical education
2. Continuous quality improvement auditing (internal and external) of training programs.
3. Standardized examination based on international best practice of assessment.
4. Establishment of standardized professional development program.
Quality in Medical Education and Professional Development 1. Develop and monitor standards of recognition of new specialty training programs.
2. Develop and monitor standards of internal review for postgraduate training programs
3. Develop and monitor quality improvement plan and indicators for key organization functions and activities
4. Develop the risk management plan and indicators of key organisation functions and activities

Governance ⇑ Top

Board of Trustee

  • The Minister of Health (Chair)
  • Undersecretary of MoH
  • Secretary General of KIMS
  • Executive Director of KIMS
  • Vice-President - KU for HSC
  • Dean of Medicine (KU)
  • Dean of Dentistry (KU)
  • Civil Service Commission - Scholarship Affairs
  • Kuwait Medical Association
  • Kuwait Dental Association

Secretary General

  • Chairs the Council of the Medical Specialties and the Scientific Council of KIMS
  • Issues the administrative and financial decrees and circulars based on the Council decisions and recommendations.
  • Distributes the responsibilities on different directorate and departments to facilitate the mission.
  • Prepares all decrees related to hiring, promoting, transferring, dismissal of employee as well as determining their financial incentives based on the Civil Service Commission regulations based on the Chair delegation.
  • Regulates the scholarship upon approval of the correspondent committees and in collaboration with related organizations.
  • Issues the purchasing and signage of KIMS contracts based on the delegation of the Chair.
  • Represents the Institute based on the delegation of the Chair in other organization.
  • Prepares the annual budget for the Chair to be presented for the Council for approval.
  • Prepares the annual report for the performance measurement to be presented to the Chair and the Council.
  • Suggests areas for improvement to facilitate KIMS mission, vision and strategic directions.
  • Prepares the action plans for the scope of KIMS activities based on KIMS mission and vision.
  • Suggests appointment of the Secretary General Assistant(s) for the Chair to issue their appointment(s).
  • Establishes the technical, administrative and financial committees with assigned terms and responsibilities.
  • Reports on issues raised by the Council to be further studied.
  • Chair, record the minutes, authorized the minutes with the Chair on the next meeting of the Council.
  • Suggests the incentives system for the Chair for approval.
  • Sets in the Council of Undersecretaries and the Research Ethics Committee of Ministry of Health.

Council of Medical Specialties

  • The Secretary General
  • Chairs of Committees of KIMS
  • Three Chairs of Specialty Faculties at KIMS (by Rotation)
  • Three representatives of Kuwait University as follows; Kuwait University Assistant Director for Health Science Center, Dean of Medicine and Dean of Dentistry

Scientific Council

  • The Secretary General
  • Directors of KIMS Offices; Accreditation, PGE, Faculty Development, Examination and CEPD
  • Program Directors of Specialty Training Programs


KIMS - Council of Medical Specialties - Institutional Advisory Committee - TOR

KIMS - Scientific Council - Institutional Education Committee - TOR

Accreditation Committee - TOR

Policy Committee -TOR

Credential Committee - TOR

Appeal Committee - TOR

Organizational Chart ⇑ Top

KIMS – Bylaws ⇑ Top

KIMS - Bylaws

What We Do ⇑ Top

  • Internship Training Program.
    • A one-year program consists of :-
      • 4 months - internal medicine,
      • 1 month - pediatrics medicine,
      • 4 months - general surgery,
      • 1 month - obstetrics and gynecology
      • 2 months - elective.
    • The intern physician is supervised in a clinical unit by a consultant physician and receive work-based assessment.
    • Upon successful completion of the program the interns are entitled the Assistant Registrar position and their license status is changed to a permanent one.
  • Faculty Development
  • Scholarship for Medical and Dentistry Specialties
  • Promotions
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